Redesigned McLaren Portal: A Gateway to Racing Excellence.

Engagement: 2020
Live Project:
Position: Front End Lead / ekino
Javascript, HTML
Project: McLaren Racing Portal.

In 2020, McLaren underwent a visual transformation with a sharp-angled "M" in its logo, coinciding with the launch of the high-performance MCL35. Our task was to synchronize the portal's design with this bold branding shift.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic contours of the MCL35 and the angular nuances of the updated logo, we meticulously developed a sleek and intuitive portal that mirrors the speed and precision synonymous with McLaren's Formula 1 prowess.

Brand Identity Reinforcement

In the McLaren Portal redesign, the strategic use of sharp angles in navigation not only reflects the dynamic essence of the brand but also provides an intuitive and visually engaging user experience. The angles guide users seamlessly through the portal, mirroring the precision of a racing maneuver. Furthermore, the transition between carousel slides incorporates a subtle yet impactful animation, utilising the same sharp angles to add a touch of dynamism.

More than a digital gateway, the redesigned McLaren Portal serves as the entry point to all facets of the McLaren web portfolio, seamlessly connecting users to the exhilarating worlds of racing, cars, technology, and the larger McLaren Group.

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