Revitalising the TGI Fridays online experience.

Engagement: 2023
Live Project:
Position: Senior Front End / Inviqa
Drupal, React, GSAP, TailwindCSS
Project: TGI Fridays.

Reimagining the TGI Fridays digital presence from the ground up, offering a seamless, engaging, and user-friendly experience to their customers across the globe. This project encompassed a 'greenfield' overhaul of the existing website and the creation of a bespoke booking widget, incorporating modern aesthetics and a visually captivating interface that perfectly aligns with the brand's core values.

TGI Fridays Logo

Brand Identity Reinforcement

The website relaunch served as a powerful tool to reinforce TGI Fridays updated brand identity. Working in unison with the team of designers to ensure that every element, from the new logos to the overall visual aesthetics, reflects the essence of the brand.

TGI Fridays
Kids eat free
For new and existing Stripes Rewards Members
Kids eat free

Elevating the user experience

By elevating the user experience with smooth page scroll transitions, we aimed to breathe life into the website, creating a seamless and engaging experience that immersed users in the vibrant world of TGI Fridays.

TGI Fridays
Step up to the bar and test your mixing skills
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TGI Fridays
Bottomless Brunch
Where better to brunch than the Original American Cocktail Bar?
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TGI Fridays

Elevating UX with Animated Copy

By seamlessly incorporating innovative design elements like split text and animated copy, we've significantly enhanced the user experience on the front-end. These interactive features have infused our website with dynamic content, fostering greater engagement and memorability for TGI Fridays visitors.

Embracing Marquee

To create dynamic and captivating user experiences, we have integrated the HTML/CSS Marquee component into our design toolkit. The Marquee component enables our audience to stay engaged and informed as they explore our website.

By leveraging this versatile tool, we elevate our storytelling potential, allowing key messages and highlights to gracefully scroll across the screen.

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